A lean canvas for understanding your startup’s culture

By now, you’ve likely encountered the lean business canvas. It’s single page worksheet that helps folks build a high level business plan for their startup. Alternatively, its’a quick and easy way figure out that your idea for a company has no chance of succeeding as a business. Either way, it’s a useful framework. So if you can use that formate to help understand your business, what if it a similar worksheet could help you understand the culture of your business? Enter The Praxis Department and the Startup Culture Canvas.

The canvas is a practical tool based on the culture model for designing and cultivating a purpose-driven organization from the ground up.

It’s designed to help teams articulate a shared vision for the kind of company and culture they want to cultivate, and identify specific actions and strategies to achieve it. The Startup Culture Canvas is a template for using your culture as a more effective organizational operating system.

Interested in taking it for a spin or simply learning more? Get more info at The Startup Culture Canvas (Beta).

[Full disclosure: The Praxis Department is in the current class of PIE. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]