State of Urban Manufacturing: Portland 2018 from the Urban Manufacturing Alliance

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Portland boasts a rich history of making and manufacturing. But how is that intrinsic knowledge keeping up with modern manufacturing? That’s what the Urban Manufacturing Alliance has worked to determine.

Our goal is to begin to understand what the small-batch manufacturing sector looks like, who its entrepreneurs and employees are, and what cities can do to help these firms thrive and grow into larger jobs generators, and retain them within the urban core. We have released a snapshot of our findings foreach of the six inaugural State of Urban Manufacturing cities, as well as a national report, that identifies promising practices that might be shared among cities to help these firms succeed. Finally, we hope the conversations we have had with businesses and stakeholders as part of this study have created relationships that will continue to grow the sector and the promise it holds for cities.

Interested in how Portland fares? Read the report on Portland from the Urban Manufacturing Alliance.