If you’ve been procrastinating, here are the local startup accelerator application deadlines you’re in danger of missing

I get it. You’re busy. You’re building your company. And you meant to get those startup accelerator applications done last weekend. But time just got away from you. Well, you better carve out some time this weekend, or you’re going to miss out altogether.

PIE Shop applications close September 16, 2018

PIE Shop is an early stage startup accelerator program focused on companies that are manufacturing physical products. Ideally, products that feature a digital component, like connected devices.

All companies selected to participate receive free office space, access to the Autodesk desktop manufacturing facility, free use of Autodesk’s entire suite of software, and the opportunity to take part in the PIE program of mentorship and acceleration.

Applications will close September 16, 2018, at 11:59PM Pacific Time.

For more information or to apply, visit “Beta testing PIE Shop.”

The Initiative applications are closing soon

The Initiative is an early stage startup accelerator program focusing on cannabis companies founded by women.

a three month accelerator program starting the first week in January in Portland, Oregon. This is an intensive, business accelerator where businesses will receive immersive, hands on training.

For more information or to apply, visit The Initiative.

Beaverton Challenge 2019 applications are closing soon

Each year, the Beaverton Challenge accepts five companies for their accelerator program. They are industry agnostic.

Challenge companies receive a convertible note investment ($25,000 for the past 2 years) and they reside for 1 year at OTBC to get mentoring, introductions, and updates/mentoring with the investor group.

For more information or to apply, visit 2019 Beaverton Challenge.

BONUS: Vote for Portland to be part of the Backstage Capital Accelerator

If all goes well, we’ll soon have another accelerator for which to apply, Backstage Capital Accelerator. But not unless you vote for Portland to be one of the host cities.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. And I am an advisor for the Initiative.]