Hitting another peak outside of the Valley: Seven Peaks Ventures closes $28 million early stage fund

With funds raising larger and larger rounds, the economics of cutting smaller checks for seed stage companies get more and more lopsided. And that leaves a gap for the youngest and most vulnerable of companies. That’s why it’s always nice to see folks raising funds specifically targeted at early stage companies. Like Seven Peaks just did.

“Seven Peaks Ventures launched in 2013 to address the capital and business-building expertise gap that existed in the Northwest’s early-stage market, particularly in Oregon. Over the past five years, we’ve worked hard to claim a spot for Oregon on the map as a viable hub for capital and a great place to start a business,” said Dino Vendetti, Seven Peaks founder and managing director. “In that time, we’ve expanded our team, advisors and events portfolio to provide the highest level of coaching and support to entrepreneurs in the Northwest and beyond in other dynamic Western U.S. markets.”

The $28 million fund is targeting check sizes of $500,000 to $1 million. With a target of investing in early-stage technology startups in the Pacific Northwest and Western United States.

But it’s not just money. They’re bringing other resources to support early stage companies, as well.

The Seven Peaks investment approach is purpose-built to surround portfolio founders with the help and resources they need at each unique stage of growth and scale. “Our team is architected and sized intentionally as if we operated a fund 10 times its size. This ensures we can provide the deepest and broadest support to the entrepreneurs we invest in,” said General Partner Tom Gonser.

Through its newly launched advisor and corporate resources platform, Seven Peaks will provide additional critical resources to help its entrepreneurs build enduring, high-growth businesses. Platform advisors are serially successful leaders and innovators in their respective industries. As an extension of the partner team, each advisor can provide current, tailored, real-world counsel and access to a broad network of relationships that can be helpful to Seven Peaks entrepreneurs.

For more information, read the Seven Peaks press release or the coverage in GeekWire and Portland Business Journal.