As one Portland startup provides support, another Portland startup needs our support

Talk to anyone about the Portland startup community and there is often a consistent theme: collaboration. Day in and day out, Portland folks are helping one another. Maybe through mentorship. Maybe through connecting dots. And maybe through kicking in a buck where it can help.

Yesterday, two opportunities to exercise that collaboration came across my proverbial desk. So I wanted to share them. In case you had the wherewithal to collaborate with these incredible folks in our community.

MapleXO is raising money for California wildfire victims

100% of the proceeds of these pins will be donated to relief efforts for the California Wildfires. Made from recycled skateboards and USA pin/clasp components… Thank YOU for helping us turn skateboards into support for those in need! Thank you skateboarding.

For more information or to purchase, visit MapleXO.

ChickTech has lost a major donor

The demand for ChickTech’s programs has grown exponentially since our 2012 founding. Over the last three years, much of this growth was supported by an annual contribution of $300,000 from a major corporate funder. This funder recently let us know that they are closing their foundation and ending funding to ChickTech without any transitional funds.

Without funding, over 100,000 girls and women over the next 5 years will lose the opportunity to gain hands-on career experience and opportunities to advance their education and careers in technology, and companies will lose invaluable opportunities to find new diverse tech talent and support their current women employees.

For more information or to donate, please visit Rally for ChickTech.