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For the benefit of nonprofits, ThinkShout launches Bene

I’ve spent more than my fair share of time around nonprofits. Established nonprofits. Startup nonprofits. You name it. Both as an employee and as a volunteer. And time and time again, one of the most consistent challenges for any nonprofit—and one that often ended up on my plate—is effectively promoting what they’re working to accomplish. And leveraging technology to make that promotion as effective as possible. Now, nonprofits have a new tool to help them, thanks to ThinkShout. Meet Bene.

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Help raise money for PIGSquad with the push of a button, a retweet button

While it’s no Wendy’s chicken nuggets tweet, a tweet by Michael Hill still has the potential to do some good for local nonprofit PIGSquad.

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Game on: PIGSquad is officially a 501(c)3 nonprofit

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Portland is a great town for mission driven startups. Maybe that’s why we’re home to more nonprofits per capita that any city in the US. But we can always use more—especially when they’re focused on new industries and startups. That’s why I’m happy to share that PIGSquad, the Portland Indie Game Squad, is officially among the nonprofits around here. Read More

Geek out like it's your job

When I’m referencing things that point to Portland’s way of doing technology differently, I’ll often talk about the open source community, our culture of curiosity, and our vibrant user group communities. But the capper I’ll usually throw in there is, “Heck. We even have a nonprofit in town that helps people become geeks—or at least geekier.” Read More

Portland and Social Entrepreneurship: A conversation with Darius Monsef of COLOURlovers and All Hands

[Editor: Dale Davidson of TrekDek shares another guest post with us.]

I recently sat down with Darius Monsef IV aka Bubs, the founder of COLOURlovers. Though much of the tech world is focused on the recent $1 million dollar funding they recently received, I thought I would try to get his perspective on the world of social entrepreneurship and Portland’s role in it. Considering that Darius is a co-founder and an active member of the non-profit All Hands, a disaster relief group, he is extremely knowledgeable about the subject. Read More

We [Already] Make the Media. Now, we need to organize a nonprofit to help Portland journalism prosper.

We Make the Media is a team of veteran journalists who have a vested interest in seeing journalism continue to persevere and survive—despite what may be happening in the world of media.

You’re hearing it more and more. There’s something special happening in Portland these days. There’s a groundswell, a number of things coming together, and just a general feeling of momentum around the reinvention of how we both produce and consume media.

To date, it’s been very much of a grassroots effort. Separate people doing their own thing. Or small groups of independent blogs, podcasts, and publications fighting the good fight.

Now, there may be an organization to help. Introducing We Make the Media. Read More

Change your workspace to Nedspace by June 1, change someone’s life

You became an entrepreneur—or went out on your own—to help change people’s lives. To build something incredible. To give your life purpose. To do that, maybe you’re working out of your house. Or a coffee shop. Or maybe you’re looking for somewhere to work.

What if you could do some of that life-changing work simply by choosing to park yourself and your machine at a particular coworking space in town? To put it another way, what if you could help people simply by doing what you’re already doing?

Now you can. Read More

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