Beware the Ides of March, Portland startups… and maybe all of 2019

For all the optimism about the beginning of the new year, there’s also a fair amount of realism. And some well informed pessimism. Most notably, for the latter, surrounding the economic correction that we’ve all been anxiously awaiting as we watched the longest running bubble in startup history continue to gently waft along.

Is that pessimism warranted? Well, Malia Spencer at the Portland Business Journal took the opportunity to talk to local investors, startups, and experts to get their take.

It’s behind a paywall, but here’s the gist.

Clouds are gathering. Economists have warned for months that a correction was coming. The consensus for much of 2018 was that it would arrive in the form of an economic slowdown. Now, with the stock market roiling, a trade war boiling, housing prices cooling and interest rates rising, fear that a full-blown recession may be looming is taking hold.

As much as I love Malia’s day-to-day coverage of the Portland startup community, it’s insightful pieces like this — and the depth of reporting that takes — that truly provide a much needed vantage for our community. So if it’s within your means, I can guarantee paying for a subscription is worth it. For her work alone.