Riding giant rounds: Surfer Laird Hamilton’s food startup is backed by WeWork

I’m not one to celebrate financing rounds for the sake of celebrating rounds. But this one had some interesting local flavor. So, stick with me here. Because this will take a minute.

WeWork, one of the most highly valued venture funded startups in the world — which just happened to be founded by Oregonian Miguel McKelvey — also happens to invest in other startups from time to time. This time, they were part of a $32 million investment round for a Sisters, Oregon, food company called Laird Superfoods, which was founded by surfer Laird Hamilton. (You might remember him from the award winning documentary Riding Giants. Or you might know him as the husband of volleyball player Gabrielle Reece.)

Per the Portland Business Journal:

Founded in 2015 by CEO Paul Hodge and big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton, the food startup is based on the nutritional regimen of Hamilton and his wife, professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece. It sells a line of non-dairy, GMO-free vegan coffee creamers, premium coffee and hydration powders. The powdered creamers consist of healthy oils, coconut milk and nectar, and Aquamine, a seaweed derived source of minerals. The overall goal of the products is to enhance a person’s energy throughout the day.

Overstating the obvious, but… WeWork is interested in offering a selection of the company’s products at its locations.

“(Laird Superfood’s) holistic approach to life balance is aligned with our mission and vision here at WeWork,” WeWork’s Arik Benzino told the PBJ in a written statement. “We could not be more excited to support this amazing company’s growth and at the same time make their incredible products available to our WeWork members and employees.”

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