Forbes focuses on Oregon women entrepreneurs, features XXcelerate Fund, WalkerTracker

It’s always nice to see Portland companies featured in national media. Especially when it’s folks who you know have been hard at work, building amazing companies, with little to no media recognition for what they’ve been doing. Like Walker Tracker, which was just featured in Forbes as an example of the participants in the XXcelerate Fund.

Not familiar with Walker Tracker? Apart from being one of the first projects I covered on Silicon Florist in 2007 (even before it became an official “startup”), they were doing health and wellness tech before it was even a thing.

Fast forward to 12 years later and their leadership is taking this bootstrapped company to the next level through XXcelerate. (And apparently through my mixed metaphors.)

The program “takes you to the next level wherever you are. So, honestly, if you’ve been running a company for 20 years or if you were just in the ideas stage. I would say get involved with this group of people because they’re gonna take you to whatever level you want to be and probably beyond where you thought you could be,” said Taylor Welsh, president and CEO of Walker Tracker. Despite being in business for eight years and having a team of 20 people, Welsh joined the program’s second cohort. She’s eight months into the 12 month program and has really seen the value. The application process for the next cohort opens in April.

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