An easy way to embrace Portland’s buy local mantra… and a rad discount to boot

If there’s one thing I know for certain about Portland, it’s that buying local is super important. I would love to see that same “buy local” mentality motivating us to support local startups. We should be buying local. For everything. Literally buying. Spending money to support these businesses. Because being a customer of a startup is the best way to support startups.

So imagine the potential pure Portland joy in being able to easily and conveniently buy locally grown produce, locally raised proteins, and locally produced products all while supporting a local technology startup? It’s like buy local inception.

Enter MilkRun.

MilkRun is a digital marketplace that enables consumers to buy radically local, delicious, and fresh groceries online, directly from hundreds of farmers and producers. We handle the logistics and coordination of delivering these products straight to customers’ homes.

Food and products are locally grown and made. There are no subscriptions, delivery fees, or minimum orders. Most products are delivered within 24 hours of receiving them from producers. Products like bread are baked to order and are straight from the oven.

Still not convinced? Well what if you got a really rad discount?

MilkRun is doing a special promo this week for 25% off all orders with the promo code RADFUTURE (because RAD FARMERS = RAD FUTURE). So if you’ve been meaning to order or sign up, there’s no better time than now, because you’ll end up with a 30% discount code for new members and the 25% RADFUTURE code, so you can save some money on your next order too.

I’m no math wizard. But that means a double discount. So now you can double down on buying local and double your discounts, too. But you have to act fast.

For more information, visit MilkRun.

[Full disclosure: MilkRun is a PIE company. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]