Is your startup the Startup of the Year?

Everyone thinks their startup is the best startup. But how about you get some outside validation to prove that? I mean, that could only help, right? And that’s the opportunity with the Startup of the Year competition.

Cool your jets. First off, let’s make sure you’re eligible.

Startups must be fewer than 6 years old at the time of application; Startups must have no more than $5MM USD funding at time of application (if funding is raised between application and the final competition, the Startup of the Year team reserves the right to determine company participation); and Startups must have a live and viable product.

Good? Cool. Then you might want to throw your hat in the proverbial ring. Not only do you get the exposure, but you’ll also be in the running for a portion of $100,000 in investments.

Applications are due May 12, 2019.

For more information or to apply, visit Startup of the Year.