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REMINDER: TechfestNW PitchfestNW applications are due January 16, 2019

Wait what? You thought the TechfestNW PitchfestNW applications were due in 2018? Well, they were. But that was only the first group. There’s a second application period. And it ends this week. So if you’ve been procrastinating, you should probably get on completing that application.

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What’s better than Backstage Capital launching an accelerator program? The fact that accelerator could be in Portland

I’ve been working in, on, and around venture funded startups for the past two decades and then some. And yet, I’ve never quite seen anyone manage to take the traditional myopia of venture capital head on. And win. But then there’s Arlan Hamilton. Who’s doing just that.

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Start the new year off right… err left: Quick Left offers to adopt a seed stage startup for a month of free software development

You’ve heard me say it a million times: development talent is hard to find. So when you get the chance to get a bunch of highly talented to help? I’m no genius, but I say you should jump at it. That’s why I’m recommending that you take a gander at Quick Left’s offer to adopt your seed stage startup. Read More

A little help for a big help: Treehouse could use your vote to bolster Code Oregon

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times—and you’ve had to listen to it every time I say it: finding development talent is the biggest problem holding back most startups, these days. And Oregon is no different. That’s why Portland’s Treehouse launched Code Oregon, a project designed to create 10,000 new developers. And now, Treehouse could use a little help of their own. Read More

Oh look! It’s the Easter… Ostrich? Find Zappos eggs filled with happiness in Portland, this week

Whether you buy stuff online or not, you’ve likely heard of Zappos. They’ve become a poster child for how to create a compelling, engaging corporate culture. And they’re all about the happiness.

Now, they’re taking the opportunity to spread that happiness to Portland. Read More

PortlandOnline design contest redux: City of Portland revises its stance but there’s still more to discuss

[Editor: The following is a guest post by Eric Hillerns who has been helping to lead discussions around the City of Portland’s PortlandOnline design contest with both the City and the design community of Portland. I think it’s an important discussion for both the Web design community and—if the City is to engage more closely with the development and startup community—all of us, so I wanted to keep you up-to-date.]

Following our meeting with the City, AIGA Portland delivered our recommendations for addressing the issues surrounding the PortlandOnline “Challenge.” Since our exchange, the City of Portland has posted a revised challenge. Some suggestions were adopted and others were not. We were well aware that the City would make their own decisions, and we respect the outcomes of their position. Read More

City of Portland regarding PortlandOnline design contest: Oopie.

The City of Portland realized that the request was poorly worded. Now, they say: In partnership with Portland’s design and development community, we are in the process of revisiting our rules and criteria.

[HTML2]Given that I’ve covered some of the creative community’s response to the City of Portland’s contest to redesign PortlandOnline.com, I thought it would be wise to update you on what I’ve heard recently. All thanks to the work of the AIGA of Portland to keep the discussion going.

Long story short, while the City of Portland realized that the request was poorly defined and worded, they didn’t expect the kind of response it generated. So now they’re refining their position on the contest. To wit, “In partnership with Portland’s design and development community, we are in the process of revisiting our rules and criteria.” Read More