Can the Built Oregon consumer product startup accelerator have an impact? Yeah, maybe.

Being in the startup acceleration and mentoring business, I do love me some status reports and updates. Even if that startup happens to be an accelerator itself. And that’s why I was happy to see this latest update from Mitch Daugherty on the Built Oregon consumer product accelerator project.

As the application deadline for the inaugural Built Consumer Product Accelerator passed last Friday night, I was drawn to watch Wildfang founder, Emma McIlroy’s TEDxPortland talk again. It’s a talk focused on the optimistic mindset that crazy ideas just might work. That instead of saying “No,” we’re better off saying “Yeah, maybe.”

You see, over the past 4 years on a total budget of around $100K, the Built crew has never — ever — stopped having that “Yeah, maybe” attitude to make Oregon the hub of consumer product innovation and entrepreneurship.

To read about those accomplishments and the current status of the accelerator, visit “Looking beyond ‘functional fixedness’ to create an impactful organization.”

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. PIE is behind the scenes helping to manage the Built Accelerator. I am also the cofounder of Built Oregon.]