Portland startup in-it featured in CNN travel ban piece

As much as I love local coverage of the Portland startup community, it’s the national and international coverage that really tends to move the needle for companies around here. That’s why I was psyched to see recent mentions of Ride Report and Open Sesame in Forbes. And even more excited to see this CNN piece featuring Portland startup in-it.

Monfared’s video is one of more than a hundred posted over the past few months on the web site in-it.com by American citizens, permanent residents or prospective immigrants who are being kept apart from their wives, husbands, betrothed, children, or other family members by the Trump administration’s travel ban. The most recent version of the ban has been in effect since December 2017, and mostly targets Muslim-majority countries. The video campaign, organized by several immigrants from Iran, opens a window into the desperation of what one libertarian think tank estimated is more than 10,000 people from five Muslim-majority countries who have been kept from their loved ones since the ban took effect.

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