Tired of missing cool events or constant schedule conflicts? Use Calagator, Portland’s aggregated tech event calendar, to find or plan your next event

You know those days where it seems like everything just kind of points to the same issue? And how you know it’s definitely been a problem that has been solved in the past? But somewhere along the way, a new group of folks have joined the community, who — through absolutely no fault of their own — have no idea the solution exists? That’s kind of the experience I had today. So I wanted to remind folks of — or introduce folks to — Calagator.

Calagator is a unified calendar for the technology community of Portland, Oregon. We are an all-volunteer effort and encourage anyone to import, create, and edit events.

Started an open source project, Calagator inspired by a gap that existed in our community. It was a time where we were all tired of missing out on events, scheduling competing events at the same time, and stepping on one another’s toes with duplicative efforts. And the prevailing social event platforms only exacerbated the problem. By fragmenting rather than aggregating.

The solution was creating a central repository of technology events occurring in the Portland community. Calagator.

And for years, Calagator solved that issue. By serving as the go-to resource for both event planning and event promotion. And over time, it’s added ways to make that support even more efficient. Like allowing folks to import events from common event platforms. Or to pull RSS feeds for into other tools and aggregators, like the channel in Portland Startups Slack.

But with a growing community and the passage of time that awareness starts to erode. Folks lose the community knowledge. Or we simply forget that solutions to problems exist. So the problems become problems again. Which is what seems to be happening.

So I just wanted to take a second to remind folks that, if you’re scheduling events for the tech community, Calagator is an awesome — and underutilized — resource for you.

And yes. All of the upcoming PIE events are on Calagator.

For more information, visit Calagator. And if you’d like to help support the project, Calagator is on Patreon.