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Tired of missing cool events or constant schedule conflicts? Use Calagator, Portland’s aggregated tech event calendar, to find or plan your next event

You know those days where it seems like everything just kind of points to the same issue? And how you know it’s definitely been a problem that has been solved in the past? But somewhere along the way, a new group of folks have joined the community, who — through absolutely no fault of their own — have no idea the solution exists? That’s kind of the experience I had today. So I wanted to remind folks of — or introduce folks to — Calagator.

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Portland Calagator spawns Bend BendCal and Corvallis Corvalligator, asks for your feedback

Whenever anyone asks me “How would I keep up on the events in the Portland tech scene?” I always blurt out two things immediately. The first thing I mention is Upcoming, the social event sharing service currently owned by Yahoo! that was started by Andy Baio who now resides in Portland. There’s a ton of Portland event goodness on there.

The second? Well, that’s Calagator, the home grown open source tech calendar that allows folks to post events directly—or slurp events over from other services like Upcoming. I mean, it’s a calendar aggregator. Calendar aggregator. Calagator. Get it? Hello? Tap tap tap. Is this thing on? Read More