It’s like Portland startups Slack IRL: Sip and Slack

Back in the early days of this generation of the Portland startup community, we used to have a weekly happy hour every Friday. Its origins stemmed from a small group of folks providing peer support for their self hosted WordPress installations in local watering holes. So it was called “Beer and Blog.”

And while for a time Beer and Blog was the largest predictable gathering in the community and the easiest way to meet and connect with folks in town, it gradually faded into nothingness. But it remains a stellar example of what could be. And what worked and what didn’t.

With the decrease in blogging and the increase in Slack-ing, a new community happy hour began to form. It’s called “Sip and Slack.” Because alliteration. And it’s a great way to meet the folks who hang out on the Portland startups Slack, live and in person.

The next gathering has been slated for September 18, 2019, at Botanist in the Pearl. It is free to attend. And there’s no obligation to be on the community Slack instance. Everyone is welcome.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Sip and Slack.