Big news from Beaverton startup Bigleaf Networks

When I started in Portland area startups, way back when, a lot of us were located way out in Hillsboro. And then the momentum started to shift to Beaverton. And then suddenly all of the activity seemed to be in Portland proper. But there may be a shift in that momentum with Bigleaf Networks.

Even as Oregon’s broader economy slows, the tech sector is enjoying a modest revival. And unlike the state’s last tech upsurge, which was driven by startups in and around downtown Portland, much of the activity is in the city’s suburbs.

“Bigleaf serves a $2B+ opportunity in the rapidly evolving networking software market,” said Jon Seeber, General Partner at Updata.”Back in 2015, other SD-WAN providers built solutions to address existing market needs. Bigleaf had the foresight to design their SD-WAN for where they saw the market going.” Seeber added, “Where other offerings focus on traditional networking approaches, Bigleaf has built a product that’s ready for a world in which companies consume technology in the cloud as opposed to data centers and server closets. Bigleaf’s focus and vision, combined with a growing market potential and stellar team, make them an ideal fit for our portfolio and an exciting company to partner with as they grow.”

So what’s the big news?

GeekWire: Bigleaf Networks raises $21M to help small and mid-sized businesses stay connected to the cloud

The company, based in the Portland, Ore. suburb of Beaverton, raised $21 million. The Series B round, led by Updata Partners with participation from the Oregon Venture Fund, SeaChange Fund and other existing investors, brings the 40-person company to a total of $28 million raised in its lifetime.

Portland Business Journal: Bigleaf Networks snags $21M from investors

Bigleaf specializes in intelligent, software-defined networking. As more companies move critical business components into cloud infrastructure, Bigleaf helps manage the connection by prioritizing traffic. This leads to better reliability and speed. It was founded in 2012 and is led by a team of telecom industry veterans from companies like Freewire Broadband, Electric Lightwave and Google.

For more information, see the official press release from Bigleaf Networks.