Helping parents approach challenging topics with A Kids Book About

In this day and age with the level of exposure and access to information, kids are often dealing with any number of topics far sooner than previous generations. And parents—who had a very different upbringing—are searching for ways to effectively support their kids. And that’s the opportunity that A Kids Book About is working to address. With books focused on kids that help parents discuss challenging topics.

Kids are ready. They really are. Kids are amazing creatures, with endless curiosity and incredible resilience. They need grownups to dive into complicated and uncomfortable topics earlier than you think.

The direct-to-consumer offering launched today. Initial titles include A Kids Book About…

With a bunch more in the works.

So what do folks think? Here’s some of the initial response.

Forbes: A New Kids Book Series Aims To Help Parents Tackle Tough Topics

Any parent wants their child to grow up with a firm understanding of the difficult questions they’ll face later in life. But parents don’t have an ingrained knowledge of how to tactfully bring up tough topics like racism, depression, or body image. A new book series out today might be able to help them.

Oregon Business: A New Kind of Kids Book

“I wanted to make the book to capture the conversations we were having just for my kids. I literally printed out just one copy,” says Memory. “But when I started showing the book to adults the response was remarkable. They said, ‘This book is really cool, can I get one?’ And then they would give me ideas for more. That’s when I knew I had something on my hands.”

Portland Business Journal: Tech founder’s startup tackles children’s publishing with books on hard topics

The new company is called A Kids Book About and it’s a direct-to-consumer children’s book publishing brand. It’s designed to tackle tough subjects and help children and the adults in their lives have a conversation.

“We want to make the most important books that kids ever read,” Memory said. “We focus on empowering, challenging and important topics for between 5- and 9-year-olds on all the messy, scary and touchy subjects that kids are really ready for.”

Bridgeliner: What Portland is talking about

What would it look like to get real with kids about cancer? Or depression? Or failure?

A group of Portland dads is trying to find out. Yesterday, they launched a line of children’s books that make big topics feel a little less daunting, and several of the authors are local celebs.

For more information or to order your own, visit A Kids Book About. Or see what folks are saying about A Kids Book About on Product Hunt.

[Full disclosure: A Kids Book About is part of PIE. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]