Service as a Service: Portland’s Belmont wins at Bend Venture Conference

This past week was the annual Bend Venture Conference, arguably the most well known pitch competition in the Pacific Northwest. Winners came from all over the state this time around. With one Portland company snagging one of the big checks. Meet Belmont.

What’s Belmont do? They’re focused on making office coffee, kegs, and pantry service as stress free as possible.

Since 2007, Belmont has built a reputation on service, innovation, and quality-above-all.

We believe work can be a place of camaraderie, growth, and good times. We share this experience in hundreds of breakrooms in Portland, Oregon. We look forward to sharing the Belmont Experience with you.

This was the first time I’d heard of Belmont. (Although I would imagine that I’ve probably been in offices where they’re found.) So I thought I’d share in case you were in the market for their services.

For more information, visit Belmont.