Portland office figures prominently into New Relic’s upgraded commitment to giving back

Portland might not be the corporate headquarters of New Relic. But it is the engineering headquarters. And, as such, is one of the largest tech employers in the region. So it’s always nice to see them stepping up efforts to support the local community and give back. Like they’ve done with a new effort called NewRelic.org.

Today, we’re excited to unveil a major milestone on our journey towards achieving this goal: NewRelic.org, our global social responsibility program. NewRelic.org significantly expands our ability to execute our vision for giving back to the community. With this program in place, we can share and promote our giving strategy with the world, launch and execute our programs, and give employees and other stakeholders the resources needed to stay informed and get involved.

And as you’re probably aware, Portland has had a significant impact in helping establish the foundation of this new effort. Especially on the community front.

Community Impact Program. New Relic regularly makes its community space available to partner organizations like Women Who Code and PDX Women in Tech to support their work and provide a venue for conversation, networking, and educational exchanges. We also host a monthly talk series in our Portland HQ, FutureTalks, that is typically open to the public and features guest speakers on a variety of tech-related topics. In addition to community events, we are sponsoring events like AFROTECH and the ACT-W Conference, participating in membership communities like TechTown PDX and support organizations in our local communities like Innovate Oregon and the Construct Foundation.

For more information, read the blog post on the launch of NewRelic.org.