Tracking the stories of entrepreneurs in other startup communities

There was a time, not so long ago, when all of the news about startups focused on — and emanated from — the Bay Area. But gradually, folks across the US and abroad started telling the stories about what they were seeing in their startup communities. And it’s my belief that it is often through that storytelling that any number of startup communities became self aware. So it’s always nice to see a roundup of those publications and the folks who create the content for them. Like this recent piece from Ecosystem Builder Hub.

Last year I wrote an article recognizing Emerging Storytellers in the Ecosystem Builder Community – our ecosystem builder peers who are consistently creating and sharing content about ecosystem building, whether that be through written articles, podcasts, or videos.

But that article felt incomplete to me because it didn’t recognize many other ecosystem builders who are doing a great job of storytelling, but who focus on telling the story of their entrepreneurs in their communities, rather than ecosystem builders at the field level. It’s a subtle difference—distinguishing between storytelling about ecosystem builders at the field level and storytelling about entrepreneurs in an ecosystem at the local level—but it’s one I wanted to make for that particular article.

Now, I want to highlight communities that are doing a great job telling the stories of their entrepreneurs and their particular ecosystem.

While Jeff Bennett was kind enough to give me a nod — no doubt thanks to a recent piece by Social Venturers — please ignore that and take some time to check out any number of amazing folks telling the stories of the entrepreneurs in their midst.

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