Not to be presumptuous, but… would you want to grab a beer (or other beverage of your choice) with me, this Friday? I know it’s short notice, but I miss you

Happy hours. They’re a thing. For real. And not so long ago, there was a community happy hour that grew into a really, really big thing. And an important and formative thing. But it didn’t start that way.

It started as a handful of folks with WordPress blogs. Who got together to help one another figure out how to configure their installs. At the Lucky Lab. Or some other local watering hole.

Just a few bloggers helping other bloggers. Over beer.

Well, and then were iPhones. All of the sudden. But I digress…

But then we wound up at a new brewpub called, with apologies to JRR Tolkien, the Green Dragon. Because startups and startup events like to support other startups. Especially when there also happened to be a startup food cart pod nearby. With startup carts like Whiffies. And then a few more folks joined. And then more. And then it was more than just folks geeking out about blogging.

It was a community. That suddenly had a name. It was Beer and Blog.

And before too long, that small event had become the seminal community gathering for engaging with what was happening in the Portland startup and open source community. Folks who were building things. And folks who were writing about what they were building. And what was happening.

Suddenly, it was hundreds of folks from the still nascent Portland startup community gathering — every week — to catch up with another. And to meet new people. And to introduce visitors to our community.

It truly was something special.

But like so many things, it was an event that had a brief shining moment. And after a year or two of burning brightly, Beer and Blog dissipated. Having served its purpose.

Folks had found cofounders at the event. Or employees. They had taken advantage of the community they found to build new things. That provided community. And connections. And so the need for Beer and Blog waned.

But it’s still nice — every once in a while — to celebrate. To revel in nostalgia. To hearken back to a time when the community, en masse, used to gather and support one another on a regular basis. In person.

And that’s happening again, this Friday. For old time’s sake.

That’s right.

At what was the Green Dragon. We’ll all be gathering again. To make connections. To solve problems. And to build community. Just like we used to.

With Beer and Blog.

So whether you’re a longtime member of the Portland startup community. Or someone new. Or someone who just happens to be in town. I’m hoping you’ll join us. Even if you couldn’t care less about blogs. Or beer.

We’ll be gathering around 4:00PM and staying longer than we’re welcome. And unfortunately, I’m fairly certain that Lexi won’t be putting up with us. But there may be some other familiar faces and special guests that make attending worth your while.

And I sincerely hope to see you there.

For more information, visit — where else — Calagator for details on the Beer and Blog reunion.