Portland startup AllGo, ZGF featured in Fast Company

People. Talented people. Talent. It’s one of the primary factors that makes or breaks companies. And it’s not only securing that talent. It’s managing to retain that talent, as well. And one of the most simple ways to help ensure folks feel welcome and appreciated is ensuring that they’re physically comfortable. That’s the message that Portland startup AllGo is sharing via Fast Company.

One such organization is AllGo. Founded by Rebecca Alexander, who also founded a Yelp-like app that goes by the same name, it aims to help higher-weight people “rate the comfort and accessibility of public spaces so others can know what to expect.” According to Alexander, “Great companies know that good employee morale is critical to their company’s success. For plus-size employees, it is demoralizing to arrive to work every day to chairs that leave bruises on your hips.” Bathrooms designed so poorly that they have just as much space as an airplane is another issue Alexander often sees. “Happy employees are a company’s best asset. And there are lots of great, easy-to-implement, and inexpensive ways to motivate and reward plus-size people,” she explains, “It can be as simple as talking to them. You just have to know the right questions to ask.”

Portland architecture firm ZGF is also mentioned.

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[Full disclosure: AllGo is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]