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Portland startup AllGo, ZGF featured in Fast Company

People. Talented people. Talent. It’s one of the primary factors that makes or breaks companies. And it’s not only securing that talent. It’s managing to retain that talent, as well. And one of the most simple ways to help ensure folks feel welcome and appreciated is ensuring that they’re physically comfortable. That’s the message that Portland startup AllGo is sharing via Fast Company.

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Want to invest in a Portland startup? Here’s your chance. And every little bit helps.

Now, you likely know I’m not the biggest fan of pitch competitions. But every once in a while, an opportunity comes along for a Portland startup founder that involves a pitch competition. And it just makes sense. Like AllGo getting the opportunity to pitch at Lesbians Who Tech. There’s only one problem: It’s in New York. And that’s across the country.

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Why doesn’t stock photography represent a broader spectrum of people? Thanks to AllGo, it does

We’ve all made fun of it. But we’ve likely all been forced to use it at some point in our career. It’s stock photography. That sometimes platitudinal, often banal, and almost always homogenous photography that graces many a pitch deck, blog post, and online ad. But now, it’s not quite as homogenous as it once was. Thanks to AllGo.

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Hitting a happy hour tonight? Dining out this weekend? Grabbing grub during Portland Startup Week? Review those spots with AllGo

Remember in the early days of this startup community when someone would release a new app and we’d all jump at the chance to download and use it as a sign of support and buying local? (Shizzow, anyone?) I’d like to see if we can get back in the mode of doing that. As a community. And I think I’ve found a really good opportunity to do that.

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If you’re making plans with friends this weekend, take a second to make sure they can AllGo

We’ve all been there. An unintended awkward situation. At the most inopportune time. Maybe it’s emotionally awkward. Perhaps it’s physical. But it happens. And boy oh boy does everyone later wish we’d been able to avoid that situation altogether. Honing in on that feeling? Cool. Because that’s part of the motivation behind Portland startup AllGo.

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Portland startup AllGo has a Kickstarter that you should all go back

Last year, it was Madorra. They seemed to be everywhere. Winning pitch competitions. And gathering accolades. And with good reason. This year, as they continue to grow their company, Madorra seems to have handed off those reins to a new early stage startup. And, like Madorra, they seem to be well on their way to garnering a ton of attention and winning any number of pitch competitions. Meet AllGo.

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