ConvertKit The Creator Fund launches to help creators impacted by COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus

Everyone loves to brag about what companies are headquartered in their town. But what about fully remote companies with no actual headquarters? What about them? Well, I say if Portland boasts a bulk of employees — like say Automattic or Zapier — or if some key execs — like ConvertKit — live here in town, then we can claim them as a Portland company.

So I’m happy to share that Portland company ConvertKit has taken an interesting step to help those creators impacted by the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus.

Today we’re launching a $50,000 fund called The Creator Fund to support creators in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has already had a wide impact beyond those directly impacted by illness. As the secondary consequences affect the economy for creators and small businesses, there isn’t a safety net for creators with nowhere else to turn when their business revenue is slowed or eliminated.

Interested in finding out if you apply and, if so, how to apply? Visit The Creator Fund.