Is your startup impacted by COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus? Built Oregon wants to tell local and state governments

I know the headline seems like a rhetorical question. And I apologize. Clearly, we all have. But like so many things in Portland and Oregon, that impact is largely anecdotal at the moment. And nonprofit Built Oregon would like to help quantify it. So that officials at local and state government have a better understanding of the actual numbers of companies impacted.

Built Oregon would like to help assess how the COVID-19 is impacting local retailers and product companies in order to help provide an accurate picture to state and local officials.

We realize it’s tough right now. And we realize every moment counts for your business. If you could carve out a few moments to share your struggles, we’re sincerely hopeful that we can make it worth your while.

Please complete the COVID-19: Small Business Impact survey.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder of Built Oregon.]