Thinking about a startup that lessens the impact of this pandemic? WeFunder wants to help

Inspiration comes from the strangest places. So no matter how jarring, frustrating, or weird our new normal may be, I know that there are entrepreneurs inspired to create solutions that help us out of our current plight — and to help ensure this doesn’t happen again. And WeFunder wants to help those founders with the “Fight the Virus” challenge.

The challenge is simple: take our ideas to tackle the coronavirus and turn them into reality, as fast as possible. You’ll be in an online community with other motivated founders working around the clock.

Each startup we accept will receive $50,000 in immediate funding, with an uncapped MFN SAFE. We charge no fees & 0% equity. It’ll run April through June. We hope you will attend Y Combinator’s Summer 2020 cohort next.

[Then…] Whenever your startup is ready (even as soon as now), we will help you raise up to $1M from Wefunder’s 400,000+ investors. (All investors are aggregated into one entity on your cap table.)

Curious if your idea meets the requirements? Visit WeFunder “Fight the Virus” challenge.