Questions about the Portland startup community or startup accelerators like PIE?

Maybe you just moved to Portland. Maybe you’ve recently decided — or have been forced — to consider starting a company of your own and you’re curious about the benefits of startup accelerators. Or maybe you’re just interested in getting more connected to the Portland startup community. Whatever the case, it can often be difficult figuring out where to start or where to go — even during the best of times. Let alone now.

Used to be, when folks would ping me with questions like these, I’d immediately say “Let’s grab coffee (or a beer) and chat about it.” Which, admittedly, wasn’t terribly scaleable. But it usually worked. With where we find ourselves now, however, that sort of response is clearly not an option.

So, rather than line up a bunch of Zoom calls, let’s try this. If you’ve got questions about the Portland startup community, I’d love to have you come hang out online with me and a bunch of other folks who may have similar questions. And we’ll see if we can help a bunch of people simultaneously. And maybe even make some connections in chat.

Portland startup community Q&A takes place Tuesday, April 7, 2020, at 5:00PM. It is free to attend. And there’s no software to download. This all takes place from the comfort of your Web browser.

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Already have questions in mind? Great. Once you register, you can submit those questions ahead of time. And then you and other folks can upvote the questions they like most. That way, we can keep the session focused on the questions that are the most important to folks in attendance.

Not sure what kinds of questions to ask? Well here are a few that have been submitted already:

  • What are the benefits and costs of a SaaS startup joining PIE?
  • For hardware startups that have R&D they need to do rather than general business help, is there a benefit in joining an accelerator?
  • What is the Portland Startup community doing to address the long-term effects on the local ecosystem due to the public health crisis we’re in?

Unable to attend on such short notice? Totally understandable. The event will be recorded and posted at the exact same link. (And will be available here in this post, as well.)

Whatever the case, if this sounds like something that might be valuable or if you’d like to stay in the loop on future sessions that we’re putting together, consider following PIE on Crowdcast.