Goodbye Demolicious cup. Hello Demolicious belt! (Also Demolicious is back. Again.)

There are a number of events that I hold in both high regard and high in nostalgia. One of them is Demolicious, a Portland technology event originally conceived and managed by Adam DuVander. The focus? Get people to demo a product or application that they were building — no matter how rough and unpolished it happened to be.

Over the years, the event went through a number of permutations, eventually evolving in a recent instantiation to become a pitch competition. Where the crowd voted for their favorite demo. And the winning team was granted adoptive ownership of the coveted Demolicious Cup.

When Adam decided to allow the event to hibernate once again, I took over as the steward of the Demolicious Meetup group in case the event had another evolution. And now, I’m happy to report that it has.

Under the care of Josh Carter, Demolicious has come back to life again. But this time instead of competing for a coveted cup, the competitors will be vying for a championship belt.

Interested in demoing your product? The next event will be held July 16, 2020. Likely virtually. Applications to present are now open. With selected companies being notified by the end of June.

To apply, visit the Demolicious application form.