Wondering what Portland Black Lives Matter events are taking place for Juneteenth — and every other day of the year?

There is something about the Portland culture of collaboration that inspires collection, aggregation, and amplification. To make things easier to use. To raise the visibility of important conversations. And to use technology to make things more accessible. So it should come as little surprise to anyone that with something as undeniably important as the Black Lives Matter movement, Portland would have its own aggregated calendar of Black Lives Matter events.

The site dedicated to the event calendar features categories for in person BLM events as well as online. And it also helps organize the events into topics like neighborhood BLM events, educational events, and events that are “focused on healing, care, & support for people fighting for change and for people most affected by police violence and white supremacy.”

Have an event that belongs on the calendar? Simply submit it via the online form.

For more, please visit Portland Black Lives Matter Events or follow pdx.blm.events on Instagram. They also have a page on Facebook.