Searching for a VC that’s likely to be the first money in? This list could help

Remember a few weeks back when I mentioned that TechCrunch was compiling a list of venture capitalists that regularly wrote the first checks and led rounds for folks? Well, even if you don’t, the list is now available. It’s called The TechCrunch List. And it features nearly 400 investors, currently.

After we announced the launch of the List and the mission behind it last month, we asked founders to submit their recommendations of which VCs were instrumental in their own fundraises. That call to action was abundantly answered: more than 1,200 founders submitted recommendations of their investors, hundreds of whom submitted paragraphs, and at times, literally pages of notes about how valuable their investors were (the longest recommendation we got was over 14 pages long). For those of you who submitted your information — thank you for passing it forward to other founders who are hoping to bring their dreams to reality.

Using the list is pretty straightforward. And free. You can slice and dice the list by stage, vertical, and location to really hone in on the folks whose thesis is most likely to match your startup pursuit.

Which Portland or Oregon investors made the list? None are currently listed at this time. But there are a few Seattle investors on the list.

To search the list for yourself, visit The TechCrunch List.