What if you could get medical tests and results delivered as easily as getting a MilkRun order?

Subscription boxes started simply enough. Clothes. Recipes. Cosmetics. Then they started to get more complex. Like getting contacts through Portland startup Sightbox. Now, the founder of that service — which exited to Johnson & Johnson — has his, ahem, sights set on a whole new type of subscription service: medical tests. Meet Portland startup Reperio Health.

According to GeekWire:

Reperio Health is a subscription service that will deliver a kit containing devices for testing health metrics including a phonocardiogram to listen and record the sound of your heart, and a blood test to measure your levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and lipids. The company will also test blood pressure, heart rate, EKG, and more.

Reperio’s app will walk users through the testing process through animation and videos. It will give immediate results, and put them in context for what is normal for a person’s age and gender. The app will compile the data, which users can download and save. After taking the tests, customers mail the kits back for sterilizing and reuse.

Former Sightbox CTO Matt Wallington is the cofounder of the company.

For more details, visit GeekWire.