Two Oregon software developers write the scripts on Stephen Colbert’s startup, Scripto

When it comes to startups, it’s not always Oregon based founders who figure prominently in the trajectory of a company. Especially in this new “work from anywhere as long as it’s not around other people” world. That’s why I thought you might be interested in the random fact that 18% of Stephen Colbert‘s startup — yes, you read that right — are Oregonians.

What’s the startup? Well, it’s been around for a while, so it’s not exactly new. But it was new to me. As was the random fact about the Oregon connection. And well, this is a blog not a breaking news site. And… I’m sorry. I digress.

It’s called Scripto. And it’s designed to allow folks to collaborate on screenplays and studio scripts. And given that we won’t likely see the writers’ room return anytime soon, timing for this sort of offering could be really really good. And as with comedy, in startups it’s all about timing.

Where does Oregon come in? Well, Portland’s Nate Goldman has been lead developer on the project for year after serving as a developer. And Rachel Nehmer, who is currently listed as residing in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, is a developer on the project.

And to get even more random, the CTO is also a Portland person. But he’s in Portland, Maine.

So if you’re a scriptwriter or screenwriter, you’re curious about a product that your Oregon peers are building, or you’re simply interested in what Colbert does in his free time, visit Scripto.