If you follow one Twitter account today, make it @WallOfMoms

There was a time, way back when in the early days of Twitter, that I used to recommend Portland Twitter accounts for folks to follow. While that’s not something I do on a regular basis anymore, there are certain times where I feel motivated to rekindle that effort. Like today, when I realized that the Portland Wall of Moms has a Twitter account.

Not familiar with the Wall of Moms? It’s a group of mothers who have begun showing up at the Portland protests to stand on the frontlines and protect protestors.

The group of women formed what could be called a human shield dubbed the “wall of moms” at the front of a protest outside a federal courthouse on Sunday, and videos on social media showed the group chanting, “Moms are here, feds stay clear” and “Leave our kids alone.”

And now, like many many other aspects of the Portland protests, they have a Twitter account. It’s worth a follow to stay apprised of what’s happening here, whether you’re from Portland or not.

And yes, since you asked, there’s a dad version forming, as well.