What is Madrona Venture Group — which regularly invests in Portland startups — looking for in 2020?

There are any number of venture capital firms outside of Oregon that regularly invest in the Portland startup community. One of those firms — which also boasts a few Portland exits — is Madrona Venture Group out of Seattle. Since they’ve already exhibited a willingness to invest in Portland, I thought it might be valuable for Portland startups to have a better understanding of Madrona’s investment themes for 2020.

In this post we offer a preview of the themes and will follow this up with deeper dives on the areas outlined in the image above. We work as a team to fully investigate and build our investment themes and you will see many from the Madrona team as authors – please reach out to us with ideas and your thoughts!

tl;dr Topics include:

  • Intelligent applications
  • Future of work
  • Intersection of innovation
  • Software infrastructure
  • Low code or no code
  • Digital transformation of consumer experiences

So if you’re pursuing venture funding and your company falls into one of those buckets, you might consider reaching out to Madrona.

[Hat tip to Dan Li]