INTRO from Indie.vc: Venture Capital isn’t the only way to finance a startup

It’s the prevailing myth with startups. You come up with a great idea. Pitch a few venture capitalists. Get millions of dollars in investment. Grow the company rapidly. Exit. Everybody wins. Later rinse repeat.

But anyone who has actually built a company knows that myth is far afield from the actual reality of building a company. That’s not at all how it works for the vast majority of startup founders.

First off, most companies fail. And the ones that survive rarely do so with the help of VC. In fact, most companies will never raise a single dime of venture capital. And yet, that’s all you hear startup folks talking about.

Until today. Meet INTRO from Indie.vc.

Create your INTRO profile by answering a handful of financial questions about your business. Connecting your Quickbooks account automatically fills your profile, and allows us to continually provide funding options for your business.

Instantly see funding options that fit your business. Use our educational resources to learn more before going further. Connect with our financing partners, get the funding you need, and get back to building your business.

INTRO is designed to help you understand the full range of financing options for your company. And it’s available in public beta, today.

For more or to try it for your startup, visit INTRO.

[Full disclosure: I am a scout for Indie.vc.]