REMINDER: Need something more to “Do”?

A few weeks ago, Stephen Green launched a new grassroots movement designed to leverage the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement and empower individuals to help change the trajectory of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Portland business community, startups among them. It called upon folks to “Do. Do more. Do better.” And it’s grown to several hundred folks in Portland who are committed to doing the work.

But some folks are feeling stuck. Others would like more details and direction. Still others could use some encouragement to join the movement. So Stephen has gathered a panel of folks to help in that regard. He’ll be joined by Marcus Carter, Community Equity Strategist; Ciara Pressler, Founder, [PREGAME] & Author of Game Plan; and Kristen Gallagher, Founder, Edify.

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So far more people from over 250 Portland area companies signed to “Do. Do More. Do Better” a bottom-up effort to help firms play an active role changing Black experiences in the workplace. Hear from business, human resources and strategy professionals about how this effort is different from what we seen previously and how it may impact the ecosystem.

The event takes place today, Thursday, July 23, 2020, at 5:00PM. It is free to attend.

For more information or to RSVP, visit So What Is With This “Do” Thing?

[Full disclosure: I work on the “Do. Do more. Do better.” project.]