Does your startup need to work some things out… or maybe a workout? Founder Gym applications are due August 4

While any number of startup accelerators have been forced to go virtual, one in particular has been running a virtual program for its 999 days of existence. It’s Founder Gym. And by way of milestones, its applications are due on day 1000. Which is August 4, 2020.

The FG Fundraising Cohort is a 6-week virtual program designed for underrepresented founders who want to raise money to scale their startup. The entire cohort experience is 100% virtual, so founders can participate from anywhere in the world. Cohort Expert Trainers are announced as they are confirmed. For our next FG Fundraising Cohort, we have updated our curriculum to cover topics that specifically train founders on how to thrive as business owners during a crisis, such as the one we are currently experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, we have added a bonus training that will train founders on equity crowdfunding.

But you have to hurry. Applications close soon. So get on it.

For more information or to apply, please visit Founder Gym.