Who should you be dating? Your friends — even those already in a relationship — probably have a Reco

Remember when you used to see friends in person? I realize it’s a bit foggy. But think back. And remember when — if you were single — those friends would always try to set you up with promising potential dates? That’s kinda the concept behind Portland startup Reco.

How does it work?

  • First, share this app with all your friends. Yes, even the taken ones! Your friend (we call them Agents) sets up a profile for you. Dating apps aren’t just for single people anymore.
  • Friends know you better than you know yourself. Your Agent will find the right person for you based on date preferences and deal breakers.
  • Two Agents plan the perfect first date. A neighborhood walk? Cocktails? Crafting workshop?
  • Daters will be asked to weigh in on time and location. (See Date Planner below for more detail).
  • Finally, get ready for that date!

This may be the first dating app I’ve seen that actually has functionality for people who are already taken. So that alone makes it interesting.

Want to try it out? It’s available on iOS and Android.

To download, visit Reco.