Portland Seed Fund and Starve Ups alum 4-tell acquired

Over the last thirteen years, I’ve had the opportunity to write about a lot of Portland startups. A lot. And sometimes, despite my best intentions, those startups fall off of my RADAR. So it’s always nice to see them pop back up again with good news. Like Portland startup 4-tell. Which has been acquired by Searchspring.

The personalization engine at the center of this acquisition was developed in 2009 and placed in the top 1.5% out of over 40,000 entries in the Netflix Prize, a competition designed to accurately predict how much a viewer would enjoy a selection based on preference. Receiving demand from visionary ecommerce operators, 4-Tell turned its sights on ecommerce recommendations and powers beloved brands like Bob’s Red Mill, Dakine, and 2Modern.

4-tell is part of the Portland Seed Fund and Starve Ups portfolios. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Here’s some previous coverage of the company:

For more information on the acquisition, visit Searchspring.