Portland Venture Capital fund Black Founders Matter gets write up in The New York Times

While I’m extremely lucky to get the opportunity to see all kinds of amazing founders and companies here in Portland, it’s always nice when they’re recognized on a larger stage. Like today, when Marceau Michel and his venture capital fund, Black Founders Matter, were featured in The New York Times.

The fund’s $10 million goal is modest compared with those set by Silicon Valley investors — the median size of all venture capital funds this summer was $100 million, according to data by Pitchbook — but Mr. Michel plans to put its resources into companies that he views as strengthened by the obstacles they must overcome.

And it all started with a t-shirt.

For more, visit “A Black Venture Capitalist Sees Challenges as an Investing Edge.”

[Full disclosure: Black Founders Matter is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. Also, this article mentions both PIE and Silicon Florist.]