Need my focused effort on your startup problem? I’m hoping this will help

Even though I’m a complete introvert, I do everything I can to muster the energy to meet with people. It’s my way of collecting and connecting dots. For the benefit of the startup community. Meeting with folks who want to get connected and putting them in touch with folks they need to meet.

But sometimes folks need more than surface level connectivity or a high level 101. Sometimes they need help from someone who can roll up their sleeves and do some real work. Could be helping them with a deck. Could be guidance on fundraising. Could be public relations. Could be using the +25 years of my startup experience to your benefit.

Honestly, I get these requests all of the time. But in these situations, I often find myself in this weird and awkward situation of either demurring or suggesting that folks apply to one of the PIE programs for that level of advice. Because getting access to that level of consultation — something that generally moves beyond mentorship and into consultancy — means signing me on as advisor. Or having you selected to participate in a PIE program. Or some other unnecessarily high barrier to entry.

But those hurdles are often higher than they need to be for a good number of folks. Some folks just need a quick consultation, not a whole program. Others, just need some fine tuning, not months of mentorship. So why not lower those barriers? Why not create a bite sized chunk of consultation?

That’s what I’m exploring.

So I’m trying to provide an opportunity for folks to access a more engaged and focused consultation from me on the short term. While establishing something that helps me defend the time to engage at this level.

How? By exploring Superpeer. A service that enables me to carve out more of that time for folks who need targeted work — by providing some compensation for those more intensive sessions that I have specific value for folks.

I’d love to dig into a problem you’re experiencing. Maybe it’s refining your pitch. Maybe it’s talking through product market fit. Maybe it’s determining an effective fundraising strategy. Or maybe it’s simply figuring out where to start.

Again, this isn’t to prevent folks from hitting me up for Portland 101 sessions or meet and greets. I’m still always open for those sort of “pick my brain” sessions. Instead, this is designed to provide a platform for folks who need more intensive and focused help when they need it.

Long story short, if you have a specific problem and you feel my advice and focused effort would be helpful, this is designed to facilitate exactly that.

I’m blocking out 30 minute chunks at $50 an hour. Because I think we can get a lot done in that timeframe. And I’m sincerely hoping that price isn’t too oppressive. If it is, we can adjust it.

It’s an experiment. Will it work? Who knows? If it doesn’t, no big deal. Things will continue as they do. Or I’ll just shut it down. Either way. But I’d like to give it a try.

If you’re interested in getting more intensive help and testing this experiment, please feel free to grab some time with me on Superpeer.