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Need my focused effort on your startup problem? I’m hoping this will help

Even though I’m a complete introvert, I do everything I can to muster the energy to meet with people. It’s my way of collecting and connecting dots. For the benefit of the startup community. Meeting with folks who want to get connected and putting them in touch with folks they need to meet.

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PitchBlack 2019: A few words of advice and inspiration from former PitchBlack Portland presenters

This Wednesday marks the fifth installment of PitchBlack, an event created by Stephen Green to showcase Black Portland founders that has grown into a national happening. Wednesday’s event will be the biggest PitchBlack Portland ever, held at Wieden+Kennedy’s headquarters in the Pearl. By all accounts, this is a big deal — and probably a little stressful for participants. That’s why Stephen reached out to former PitchBlack presenters to get some last minute words of advice and a bit of a pep talk.

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AppFog founder provides sage advice: How do I cope with startup envy?

If you’re even remotely associated with the startup scene, you know it’s competitive. Even in a community as collaborative as the Portland startup scene. And even if it’s not outward pressure, founders can put a lot of pressure on themselves. And compare their progress to that of their peers—or their perceived peers. Read More

Mentoring the mentors: Advice and inspiration for startup mentors

Last year around the time PIE was starting, David Cohen, cofounder of TechStars, shared the TechStars Mentor Manifesto. And it served as an inspiration for me. A post by Micah Baldwin, a TechStars mentor who now heads up Graphicly, provided a similar nudge for me. Read More

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