Come out the other side of this pandemic with a degree in virtual latte art or a virtual degree in latte art or whatever

For all of the incredible negative impact on families, businesses, and communities, this global pandemic has also — at times — inspired laudable creativity. And folks making due. And people trying new things. And that’s what startups are all about. So I was really happy to see the folks at Water Avenue Coffee embracing a new concept to ride out this situation. By helping you learn to be a barista, virtually.

The online course takes five days to take you from where you are today to making that coffee you’ve been missing from our local baristas.

Virtual Coffee is not just about copying what a barista is doing. This course will help you understand the why of every single step you’re taking and make you a real expert among your friends and family.

Our business is built on education. We’re not trying to get you to buy any specific coffee beans or equipment. We simply want to deliver top notch training to the home market as we have done within the coffee industry for more than 20 years.

For more information or to sign up for class, visit Virtual Coffee.