Introducing The Silicon Forest, a compendium of companies, investors, organizations, and jobs in Oregon tech

When folks are trying to get engaged in the Oregon tech community, one of their first questions is where to start. And now, there’s an answer. Folks who are craving a spot to find up-to-date information on companies, investors, and support organizations — not to mention jobs — now have The Silicon Forest.

The destination to find jobs, research companies, and stay up to date with Oregon tech news.… a one-stop-shop for everything tech in Oregon: the companies, jobs, funding, organizations, and more that make up the great place we call the Silicon Forest.

With this site we hope to:

  • Highlight the hundreds of amazing tech companies that operate in Oregon and the opportunities they create for people.
  • Make it easy for entrepreneurs to find all the resources and programs available to them in Oregon.
  • Create an accessible resource and online home for Oregon’s tech community.

This should serve as a great complement to PDX Startups, which is working to do the same sort of thing for the Portland startup community.

For more information, visit The Silicon Forest.