A virtual Portland Lunch 2.0 to make some real Portland startup community connections

While the pandemic has caused any number of hardships and hassles for folks, there are a handful of things that have become a bit easier in this fully remote world. Like throwing together virtual versions of events that often require far more logistics to pull off in person. With that in mind ā€” and with so many folks expressing feelings of disconnectedness ā€” I thought it might be a good idea to revive Portland Lunch 2.0 one more time before the end of the year.

What’s Portland Lunch 2.0, you ask? It’s simply an excuse to hang out with other folks in the Portland startup community. During lunch. No agenda. No presentations. Just an opportunity to meet up with your peers and connect with new folks in town.

In the old world version, it also came with a free lunch provided by the hosting company or organization. Hence the moniker. But that often had a downside with crowds of hundreds of people: lengthy lines to get in the door and grab lunch. Which could cut into your time socializing.

This time around, Lunch 2.0 will be completely virtual. And while that means lunch is on you instead of the host, at least you won’t have to wait in line. At all. So there will be more quality time for socializing.

The next Portland Lunch 2.0 takes place Wednesday, December 9, 2020, at noon. It is completely free to attend. And given that it’s completely virtual, you’re welcome to join us from wherever you are in the world. Whether you live in Portland or not.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Portland Lunch 2.0: Virtually. To revel in the nostalgia of past events, see the Portland Lunch 2.0 archives.