OTBC reveals Beaverton Startup Challenge 2021 companies

For many startups, tracking down early stage funding and mentorship can be critical to their continued growth. So it’s always nice to see organizations like OTBC providing both funding and mentorship for a new crop of Beaverton startups.

This year, they’ve selected five startups for their program. Each of which will receive a $25,000 investment via convertible note.

The selected companies are:

  • Cocacao – Produces a decadent, chocolaty, healthy treat that is safe for most diets.
  • Cozera – Allows a business to issue persistent, privacy-preserving and portable digital identities to their customers.
  • Regal Dreamzzz – Integrated, ergonomic system of pillow case and inserts that straps onto recliners and hospital beds and keeps the user’s head positioned upright while they sleep, mitigating head and neck pain.
  • Masa – Brings farmers markets to people via an online marketplace…think Etsy for farmers.
  • Toolr – Helps businesses with a mobile workforce like construction, agriculture and hospitality maximize efficiency through better time tracking and reporting.

For more on the program, visit the Beaverton Startup Challenge.