TechfestNW PitchfestNW 2020 winner: HILOS

Another TechfestNW is in the books. And with it, PitchfestNW, which has become a quintessential — and international — part of this annual event, albeit virtual this time around. Once the digital dust settled, one company stood apart from the others and it happened to be a local company: HILOS.

Our approach is a combination of digital design, 3D printing, and hand craftsmanship. Every pair of HILOS starts its life from the same digital model able to evolve into endless variations. Each one ends totally unique, as a personalized, perfect fit. Additive footwear allows for this level of customization without the wait, reimagining how shoes are made and creating a whole new world for design.

Everything we make is 100% recyclable and designed for disassembly. Our 3D-printing sets a new standard for the industry, saving over 1700 gallons of water per pair and enabling zero-waste production.

For more information on the event, visit TechfestNW.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder of TechfestNW. And HILOS was in the judging room I was moderating this year. I was not part of the voting.]