Help crowdsource a definitive list of all Oregon startups

It’s been a year, hasn’t it? Usually around this time of year, I’d likely be waxing philosophic about all of the amazing founders I’d had the chance to meet. Over coffee. Or a beer. But this year isn’t that year is it? (It’s not.) Which has me thinking that I have probably missed out on any number of amazing founders and companies over the past 10 months. And that’s why I’m wondering if it would be possible to get your help resolving that issue.

You see, I got to thinking… The Portland startup community has grown to such a significant size that there’s no way I could possibly know all of the startups being built in Portland — let alone Oregon — right now. But you know who does know? We do. All of us together.

So whether you’re building a new startup, talking to people who have started a new company, or are investing in new companies in our midst, I’d humbly ask you to take a few seconds to share some information on that company. And maybe, just maybe, amongst all of us, we’ll be able to get a decent list of companies going.

Don’t have all of the details? Doesn’t matter. Fill in what you know. Have multiple companies you’d like to add? Feel free to add as many as you like. (I’m looking at you investors and accelerators.)

Why take the time to do this? Well, first and foremost, it would be great to have a definitive, crowdsourced list of all of the amazing companies in our midst. Second, I’d love to highlight a wider variety of companies and products on Silicon Florist and I’m confident that this will help reveal some startups that I don’t know about. Finally, I’d like to publish the list so that everyone has a better understanding of what’s happening around here. And to give your company — no matter what its stage — better visibility.

So if you’re the founder of a company in Oregon, helping companies in Oregon, or just in the know about something someone is building around here, please take a few moments to share those companies with the rest of us.

And if we can all get in the habit of adding new companies as we encounter them, who knows what we might be able to create? Thanks in advance for adding to this repository.